Welcome to the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Online Reporting System.




Using this online citizen police report system allows you to submit a report via the internet and obtain an unofficial copy of the police report for your records. Before using the online reporting system, the incident must meet the following conditions:

    • This is NOT an emergency.
    • This incident occurred within the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County or in contracted cities in the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office jurisdiction.
    • You are filing a delayed report.
    • This did not occur on a state highway. (This means I-95 or the Florida Turnpike)
    • You must have a valid return email address in order to file this online report.




The application, Zoom, is currently being used and can be easily accessed from any device that supports the internet.

    • Zoom is a web-based video face to face conferencing tool.
    • A Zoom account is not required to attend a scheduled video conferencing session.
    • Portions of your video conferencing session may be recorded.
    • Your video conferencing session can be joined by cell phone or the internet.
    • If you would like to make your initial report via a face to face video conference, please Contact ARU with your request. You must include your contact information. You will receive an email with your scheduled appointment.
    • Click here to watch a video on how to request a Zoom face to face video conferencing video with the Alternate Response Unit.



Ready to file an online police report?

    • Make sure you have pertinent information regarding your incident. (When, where, who, property)




Any intentional false information or misstatement may result in criminal prosecution.

Using the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Online Reporting System, you can report one of the following delayed incidents:

Civil Matter Disturbance Domestic Dispute (Non-Violent) Forgery
Fraudulent Use of a Credit Card Gas Drive Off Graffiti Harassing Phone Calls
Identity Theft Information Report Juvenile Problem Larceny of Auto Parts
Lewdness/Indecent Exposure Lost/Found Property Neighbor Dispute Obtaining Food/Lodging With Intent To Defraud
Reckless Driver Shoplifting / Retail Theft Stolen Tag / Decal Suspicious Incident
Suspicious Person/Vehicle Theft (Petty/Grand) Traffic Crash/Hit & Run Trash Dumping/Littering
Unwanted Guest Uttering a Forged Document Vandalism/Criminal Mischief Verbal Threats
Traffic Crash/Hit and Run


How to obtain a copy of your report

    • Your report is NOT finalized. You now have the opportunity to schedule an online face to face video appointment with an agency member writing your report.
    • You will see the words “your report has been submitted”. This means that your online report has been received by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office online reporting system.
    • Upon review, based upon your chosen preference, you will be contacted by phone or by scheduled face to face video conferencing and an official case number will be issued.
    • Your report will automatically be assigned a Temporary Report Number. This is NOT an official PBSO report number.
    • Reports are rejected that do not meet online reporting requirements. You will receive email notification with a reason for the rejection.
    • Should you need an official copy of your report, please contact Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Central Records at (561) 688-3140. The most efficient way to receive an official copy of your report is by utilizing the online records request system by clicking on the link below.


 Questions or comments Contact ARU